Try Before You Buy

To help people decide whether they want to buy a game or not, I’m happy to host the following games at a games cafe so you can try the game first.

878 Vikings – Invasions of England
Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Crusader – Thy Will Be Done
Dragon Castle
Euphoria (with Ignorance is Bliss expansion)
Mare Nostrum: Empires (with Atlas, Hero & Monster expansions, and Buildings Pack)
Networks, The
Pot de Vin
Rising Sun
Scythe (with Invaders from Afar, The Wind Gambit and The Rise of Fenris expansions)
Viticulture Essential (with Tuscany Essential, Visit from the Rhine Valley and Moors Visitors expansions)

This list will change and grow with time.

If there’s a game on this list that you want to try please contact me at:

If there’s a game in my shop that’s NOT on the list that you want to try you can also contact me and I’ll see if any of the games cafes have it and I can host the game there.

There will be a fully refundable $50/person deposit which I will return to you at the game. You just need to pay your own games cafe admission (typically between $50 – $80 per person) and I’ll fill up any remaining places to give a reasonable player count/game experience.