Terms & Conditions

1. Goods, Pricing and Availability

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure all goods, descriptions, pricing and availability are accurate at the time of printing. Stock levels will change and products might no longer be available from our suppliers when we contact them. If we incorrectly price an item we will attempt to honour it if it’s not too far from the correct price but if we cannot we will contact the customer to ask if they still want the item at the corrected price or, if we can, at a discounted price.

2. Refunds and Returns

If you cancel an order before we have ordered the item for you we will return your full payment minus any transaction charges and, if you were part of a group purchase arrangement, any extra costs borne by others due to your withdrawal.

Please inspect the box(es) before accepting delivery as we do not accept returns once the order has been accepted and/or opened unless we’ve given you the incorrect goods. If there are any missing components inside a box please contact the publisher concerned directly.