Blood Rage Game Night Kit (Store Exclusive)


A store exclusive not generally available to the public

Players: 2-8

Playing Time: 60-90min

Ages: 14+

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Grab your horned helmet, axe, and get to your long ships, it’s time to pillage and plunder. Blood Rage puts players in charge of their own Viking clan. And with this Game Night Kit, players will get exclusive plastic Clan Tokens, with the winner showing off their worth with an exclusive plastic First Player Horn token. The set also comes with cardboard versions of the Age and Valhalla board, able to stand up to the toughest Viking raid.


1 Welcome letter
1 Promotional poster
2 Age track boards
2 Valhalla boards
10 Clan sheets (2 each of Raven, Bear, Serpent, Wolf, and Ram Clan)
4 First-player horn tokens
12 Raven Clan tokens
12 Bear Clan tokens
12 Serpent Clan tokens
12 Wolf Clan tokens
12 Ram Clan tokens

Note: the game night kit contains enough boards, sheets and tokens for two sets of Blood Rage, except for the welcome letter and promotional poster i.e. you can give or sell half of it to someone else

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