Dead Throne


Players: 1-7

Playing Time: 30-90 mins

Ages: 14+

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An open world, adventure, strategy game based in the World of Veles. 2,400 years worth of history that can be discovered through gameplay and in more detail on our website. After the battle of the Iron Gates against the Dark Mages, peace existed in our lands. But then Agrimor, a fire breathing dragon entered Lirennor and killed our king. The king’s brother, an evil mage, tried to take power but he failed. He now seeks the Medallion Pieces from the heroes to seize the throne. But the heroes each require what Saladar, the kings brother has. Only one can be crowned the new ruler of Lirennor.

1-7 players with competitive, solo and Co-Op modes to play. Three ways of winning as well as the ability to simply roam around killing creatures, completing side quests and interacting with the game in the open world setting.

Select your base character and build them up as you go along by collecting, buying and winning weapons, items, equipment and so on. Equip these items and become more powerful.

Use magical scrolls to manipulate the map itself. Twist the large hexagonal tiles around. Teleport across the land, conjure weapons, summon creatures, mitigate your opponents’ attacks, enchant your items and so on. There are 150 scrolls in the game, so there’s always something to do.

The Box itself has been designed with fluidity in mind. Everything is organized as soon as you open the box. There are 500+ cards in the game all within their own tuck boxes. When playing players will use the awesome card trays designed to manage your inventory as you progress through the game and containing your cards to an easy to visualize battle board. And by far the most unique of all the features is the mechanical market located within the lid itself. Future expansion packs are already in mind and the box has already taken care of that. We have included extra room to store whatever is needed now and in the future.

Dead Throne is a game that is never the same. With 10 large double-sided tiles, multiple paths to victory, loads of options and decisions with every turn, and an in-depth world to discover, you’ll never say it’s predictable.