Dwar7s Fall with Empires expansion, Royal Decrees expansion, sticker and playmat


Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 30-45 mins

Ages: 13+

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To survive the long and terrible winter approaching, the dwarves need to prepare. It’s time to collect gems, build castles and stock up enough food. The fire dragons are sleeping. The giants of winter, lurking. The fall is precious and is vital to plan your actions wisely.

Dwar7s Fall is a game about collecting gems in order to trade it for food. In the meantime you also will need to build your dwarf kingdom and slay some monsters. In this game you have multiple paths to win by choosing carefully your actions.

Players take turns to perform their actions. Each turn you can do 3 actions (place a realm tile or place one dwarf in a tile or move one dwarf by one tile).

Each tile has a pre-requisite of how many dwarfs of one player are needed to perform one kind of action. For example: emerald mines have always three slots, but you will need only two dwarfs to take one emerald. When this task is done (collect one emerald) your two dwarfs will return to your pool.

When a player completes three goals (both open and secret goals are taken into account), the endgame begins. Players who had not played this round make their last turn and, then, the game ends. The points are calculated and wins the match who has more points.

Empires Expansion

As the temperature decreases, the other nations finally join the battle for resources. Will the nasty Ogres prevail over the Dwarfs, or will the beast hunter Elves rule all kingdoms?! But they aren’t alone in this fight as from the bottom of the crystal caves, one more dwarf king emerges. He’s vengeful and some say that he can lure the fearsome frost giants! The winter is near…

Dwar7s Fall: Empires Expansion introduces three new player characters allowing you to play from 2 to 7 players! The expansion adds more strategies, secret goals, scenarios, and of course more custom meeples to the game!

Royal Decrees

Peace is fragile among the four dwarf kingdoms and the drums of war are echoing into the woods. Fearsome warriors, guardians and even Kings themselves join the battle over the control of the Dwarf Kingdom. The Council of Elders had to make a move. By Royal Decree they changed the rules that define the very nature of dwarf society.

The Royal Decree Expansion introduces 3 new classes (12 custom dwarf meeples + 1 First Player token),10 Royal Decrees which are new variation rules, 5 Scenarios that activate specific sets of Royal Decrees and create thematic gameplay styles to play the game and a new secret goal, the Dragonslayer.