Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia – Adventurers Set (Rare)


Players: 1-5

Playing Time: 60-90 mins

Ages: 13+

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Adds a whole new group Heroes, as well as new Bosses and Tiles, adding new challenges and strategies to the game!

This set features 5 new Heroes eager to brave the Masmorra. Each of these Heroes comes with their figure, and hero board and cards featuring their unique abilities. Each of them also comes with an Arcadia Quest hero card, if you want to bring them into that game.

The Adventurers Set also introduces 2 brand new Bosses represented by tokens: Rhodus Mk1, the Mad Construct, and Gorka, the Orc Chieftain! And finally, this sets contains 2 brand new Medium Dungeon Tiles, one for Level I and one for Level II.