Orcs Must Die! Boss Pack


Players: 1-8

Playing Time: 60-150 mins

Ages: 14+

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The Boss Pack contains 4 bosses and extra figures to punch up your games

Fire Lord (enemy of the Order) – A gigantic elemental who can “shoot” heroes from a distance, making him a knottier puzzle than usual to defend against.

Veyetality, Cyclops Mage (enemy of the Order) – A healer, who actually resurrects dead enemies – pulling their skulls right out of your skull pool, bringing enemies back to life, and forcing you to kill them again!

Swiftyhooves (enemy of the Unchained) – The Satyr King, who defends other Satyrs, and herds them towards your poor helpless Rift.

The Earth Lord (enemy of the Unchained) – Who he is “killed” he shatters into smaller pieces, then repeats the process. You have to kill 7 different enemies to eliminate all of him!