Orcs Must Die! Minion Pack


Players: 1-8

Playing Time: 60-150 mins

Ages: 14+

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The Minion Pack contains:

Four Dwarf Grenadiers (enemy of the Unchained) – Dwarf Grenadiers can injure multiple Heroes simultaneously with thrown bombs that do a lot of damage, which scales up rapidly with each Onslaught. This encourages a Hero to fight them alone, thereby putting themselves at risk from other enemies.

Four Gnome Tinkerers (enemy of the Unchained) – Clever Gnomes will capture your Traps and turn them against you!

Four Goblin Sappers (enemy of the Order) – Devious Goblins will destroy your hard-earned traps! You have to kill them as quickly as possible or see your Fortress defenses fall apart before your eyes.

Two Cyclops (enemy of the Order) – Powerful and hard to kill, Cyclops use unusual attack dice to deliver their impact.

This pack also contains new Minion Description Cards and Army Cards to shuffle into your decks so these Monsters can easily join the fray!