Tesla vs Edison


Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 20 min/player

Ages: 14+

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  • Compete to dominate the early electric light and power industry
  • Play as one of five genius inventors: Tesla, Edison, Brush, Maxim, and Thomson
  • Hire other renowned luminaries to help you expand your empire
  • Advance key technologies, claim celebrated electric projects, wage PR battles,and trade on the dynamic stock market to victory
  • Variable power worker placement game with each luminary and inventor uniquely rated in Invention, Manufacturing, Finance, and Propaganda.
  • This creates a rich collection of characters who each perform differently in various contexts and provides great replay value.
  • Modern Euro-design promotes streamlined play time of ~20 minutes/player.

The War of Currents! 2-5 electricity innovators build routes, grow tech trees, and play the stock market in 20 minutes per player.

Players compete to claim electric projects for their company in the 19th century United States.

Each player controls a company with a brilliant inventor and other famous people working for it, managing money and a stock portfolio.


• 5 Inventors: Tesla, Edison, Brush, Maxim, & Thomson
• 35 Stock Certificates
• 102 Wooden Markers in 6 Colors
• 36 Luminary & Propaganda Cards
• $1.24M Dollars in Luxurious Bills
• Game Board
• 12 Page Rule Book