Toyko Series: Jidohanbaiki, Metro, & Jutaku (Kickstarter Edition)



Players: 1-6

Playing Time: 5-20 mins

Ages: 5+



Players: 1-5

Playing Time: 60-90 mins

Ages: 7+



Players: 1-8

Playing Time: 10-30 mins

Ages: 5+

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Is a new series of 12 games from Jordan Draper with various guest designers, all based on real world simulations of the beautiful and overlooked life in Tokyo, Japan. This campaign contains the first three titles in the series.

Every single game is modular. They can be played stand alone, in series (adding end game scores), or integrated with 1 or more other TOKYO titles for an expanded new experience!

TOKYO JIDOHANBAIKI is a game about Japanese vending machines and drinks! Utilizing exquisite, tactile components, this title includes over 20 unique 5-15 minute games from various guest designers across the globe. With a huge range of game types and flavors (deduction, dexterity, economic, etc), this game is perfect for any setting or player count!

TOKYO METRO is a heavy economic simulation of the metro system in Tokyo, using a unique action placement cycling system, stock investments, speculation, loans, bicycles, grid movement, train riding, and more! Playing 1-4 players and taking 120 minutes on average, TOKYO METRO will fill the hearts of train enthusiasts!

TOKYO JUTAKU is a larger version of the previously sold out game Jutaku, where 1-8 players will take on the role of Japanese architects designing small, abstract home models on strangely shaped plots of land. With 69 unique wooden pieces and a range of building conditions from easy to very difficult, this real time dexterity game is very exciting for a large group, but can also be played as a solitary meditation experience.