Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley


Players: 1-6

Playing Time: 45-90 mins

Ages: 13+

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You have new visitors! This expansion for Viticulture provides you with a new set of 80 visitors cards, which focus less on victory points and more on the wine business itself. These cards have their own unique backs, as they must be played without other visitor cards from Viticulture, Tuscany, and Moor Visitors.


  • 40 summer visitor cards
  • 40 winter visitor cards



  • Why do these cards have different backs? The Rhine Wine visitor cards are designed to be their own unique set, not a combined set to be shuffled together with existing cards. Both sets of cards are viable to play with, and they each offer different experiences (one geared more towards VP; the other focused more on the wine business. If they’re all combined together, you will likely create an imbalance, as some people might end up drawing VP cards and others may draw the wine business cards.


  • 4 of the cards can only be used with Tuscany.
  • 6 of the cards are the same as existing cards (banker, contractor, craftsman, harvest expert, zymologist, and uncertified oenologist)