Way of the Fighter: Aya vs Ranveer Fighter Pack


Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 20-50 mins

Ages: 12+

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Way of the Fighter – Fighter Packs are small packs of cards introducing two new fighters to the game, along with two new techniques for the existing styles.

Aya is one of the last followers of the famous Hashashin, an assassin cult of ancient Persia. She is an extremely mobile fighter with the unique ability to move through her opponent and strike from behind, prior to them changing their facing. She is a perfect fit for aggressive and relentless players. Her mode card Shadow Veil further increases the damage actions she plays during a turn if she moves through the opponent’s space that turn. Not all of her actions are reliant on her traversing through her opponent’s space. Actions like Deadly Rhythm are mixed into her attacks just for such occasions when an opponent is too far away to get around them.

Ranveer is a well-rounded master sikh warrior, his fighting form is methodical and strategical, thanks to his ability to see the action being played against him before committing dice. Unlike most fighters, Ranveer’s actions primarily consist of very powerful modes. The power and effects of his modes are dependant on the number of power dice you roll to determine their priority scores. For example, Garuda’s Swiftness can be discarded from play to increase the priority of an action before it is revealed. The increase is based on the amount of power dice that are on the mode when it is discarded. Nandi’s Resilience can be discarded to prevent damage dealt to Ranveer.

The Aya vs Ranveer fighter pack also comes with two sets of actions from the Counter technique and Acrobatic technique. The Counter technique for the Soft style makes heavy use of the Counter keyword which can prove very strong against a predictable opponent. The Acrobatic technique for the Fluid style supplements fighters who like to be in constant movement with an additional level of unpredictability and speed.