Way of the Fighter: Brahm vs Cobalt Fighter Pack


Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 20-50 mins

Ages: 12+

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Way of the Fighter – Fighter Packs are small packs of cards introducing two new fighters to the game, along with two new techniques for the existing styles.

Brahm is a brutal Scandinavian metal-head, with an in-your-face aggressive nature. His deck can consist of three technique from the Hard style, and his ability allows him to suffer 1 damage in order to give his attacks Chain 1. Brahm is able to turn the Hard style in a combo heavy fighting form, at a cost. His mode action, Ragnar-Rock, makes it so that opponents no longer cancel his actions when he is damaged, but the tradeoff is that it prevents him from blocking. Brahm’s Valhalla Block allows him to recover health that he may have willing suffered for those high damage combos. Health management is a key feature to Brahm playstyle.

Cobalt, an Argentinian and elite ex-commando for the Red Star Committee, has a cybernetic arm that she uses to reposition and strike at her opponents from both near and far. This is represented best with blast actions that only last until the end of the challenge phase. For example when Dragging Hook’s blast token hits a retreating opponent, Cobalt pulls the the opponent towards her space. Grappling Thrust on the other hand, will pull Cobalt closer to the opponent when they are hit by its blast token.

The Brahm vs Cobalt fighter pack also comes with two sets of actions from the Push technique and Slam technique. The Push technique from the Hard style provides powerful attacks that push their target away, making it ideal for fighters wishing to distance themselves from an aggressive opponent. The Slam technique is one of the most physical sets of actions from the Fluid style that uses momentum to control the opponent’s position in the arena.