Way of the Fighter: Khublai vs Wattana Fighter Pack


Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 20-50 mins

Ages: 12+

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Khublai is by far a larger than life character both metaphorically and physically. A giant of a man, boisterous, and a hero of this people, he is the quintessential Mongolian wrestler; powerful, more agile, and faster than he should be. Khublai’s weight and size prevents him from jumping very high. In game terms, this is represented by his inability to use the Leap command along with ignoring effects that move him to a jumping position on his actions, making him a huge and static target. He overcomes this hindrance with a powerful effect that allows him to ignore the first point of damage dealt to him each turn. This ability to ignore low damage and his utmost mastery of wrestling techniques, makes him a terror at close range. He controls the board with cards like Unmovable Block and Giant of Bokh. Khublai is a mountain that will crush any opponent that gets within his melee range. Horse Spirit, Ultimate Mekh, and Massive Chop are great options for overcoming his inability to leap with their small burst of speed. Learning how to overcome his inability to leap by playing powerful actions such as these that close the distance between him and his opponent is pivotal to winning with the Mongolian giant.

In contrast, Wattana is small in stature and quiet, but under her serious and brooding demeanor exists an inextinguishable fiery champion. Her bone-crunching Muay Thai techniques are debilitating to the extreme. Her rigorous discipline and training unlocked some her inner phoenix, making her chi surrounding her appear as burning flames. She has very little movement options, and even the Command on her fighter ability encourages her to remain in place. That said, a simple Priority Bonus 2 with a fighter who makes use of hard style attacks is a huge threat, as it compensates for the main flaw of low priority values that come from heavy attacks. Moreover, her access to Chi Actions gives her some zoning control. Her two blasts, Flaming Strike and Phoenix Wings, are frustrating thanks to their Drain effect. Plummeting Elbow is a complete denier, in particular with damage boosting moves or modes. Twin Rising Uppercut is very unique with the ability to make two powerful attacks in a row, serving as the perfect response to weaker blocks. Her mode Art of Eight Limbs is great for building some power dice while also remaining steadfast.

The Khublai vs Wattana fighter pack also comes with two sets of actions. The Brutal technique from the Hard style is a simple technique composed of slow attacks with very high damage output. Use Shattering Strike to set up for a follow-up that is guaranteed to cancel cowardly blocks. The Lock technique from the Wrestle style includes grapple attacks equipped with Trash effects that destroy the opponent’s hand. This technique also compliments Severina’s hand denial game. Just swap it out with one of the other wrestle techniques from the Turbo set to generate a deadly hand destruction deck.