Railways of Great Britain


Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 90 mins

Ages: 14+

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The 2017 Edition Includes Updated and Revised Map and Cards for Railways of Great Britain. The 2017 updates introduce several new features such as: – A Railroad Inspector – A Tunnel Engineer

Railways of Great Britain Railways of Great Britain is an exciting new expansion for the Railways of the World board gaming system, featuring a board of Great Britain! You will need the pieces from Railways of the World (track, city tiles, bonds, money, empty city markers, trains and first player marker) to play Railways of Great Britain. It is mid-19th century Great Britain. The tramways that first appeared to transport coal have since been upgraded to railways. Numerous different companies (using different railway gauges) have connected to villages, towns and cities across the country. Invest wisely and guide your railroad to financial success as you take control of the Railways of Great Britain.

(1) 30 x 36 Revised Map of Great Britain
(27) Railroad Operation Cards
(10) Barron Cards
(5) Player Reference Cards
(1) Updated Expansion Rules